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1* 1.6.15
2- empty changelog entries are now shown, with a EMPTYLOG tag to allow
3  rpmlint warn the developer about it
4- check (and warn) if a temporary package has already been removed before
5  trying to remove it
7* 1.6.2b
8- make submit pass --define options to create-srpm script
9- print error message when create-srpm fails
10- make get_srpm return the srpms list
11- add upload-srpm support in create-srpm
13* 1.6.2a
14- moved revision-offset to [log] section and added a comment
16* 1.6.2
17- reimplemented the option -n for rpmlog, which now uses the svn option
18  --limit.
19- added the option revision-offset, for the Zero Day Revision issue.
20- small fix in main repsys help message
22* 1.6.1
23- added option url-map, as an workaround for svn+ssh:// urls problems
24- added configuration sectiom "helper"
25- added getsrpm-mdk and create-srpm to
26- added option -r to submit
28* 1.6.0
29- improved markrelease command line parsing
30- changelogs entries are now groupped by author, and sorted by revision
31  number
32- the changelog now is generated using the Cheetah Template Engine, to
33  allow quick modifications without spending time reading code and
34  introducing new bugs
35- consequently, was added an option "-T <file>" to rpmlog and getsrpm to
36  allow choosing the path of the template to be used
37- added options noauth=0, and baseurl=None in order to disable the
38  authentication in some url schemes (http:// and file://)
39- replaced some "cl" references to "mdv"
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