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Initial Import from Mandriva's soft revision 224062 and package revision 45733

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3ch: Give the last changelog with the -m option give the last maintenner. Check if the rpm contains a local user
5cooclean: Remove the doble of the distribution
6cvcp: Copy source and patche to cvs.
7doble: Remove the doble rpm according to the date
8rebuild_srpms: Rebuild all the SRPMS in the current directory.
9uplftp: Main script to upload to multiple mandrake distributions.
10config/config_distrib: example of config file for uplftp
12comments go to Chmouel Boudjnah <>, Frederic
13Lepied <>.
15Theses scripts are copyrighted MandrakeSoft under the GPL license, see
16 for info about the GPL license.
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