source: soft @ 16525

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
apt 1027   12 years prrt Info about Apt
caixamagica-gnome-theme 2798   10 years lmcm Modify background color to green
caixamagica-kde-config 467   12 years fasma Icon zoom true in kickerrc
cm-install 3058   10 years lmcm Added es.po.
control-center 527   12 years fasma Updated from upstream
desktop-common-data 395   12 years fasma Updated for kde control center and caixamagica …
draklive 701   12 years fasma Draklive was using nash wich doesn't work in CM12
draklive-install 666   12 years fasma Remove prepare_minimal_root call so that drakxtools doesn't need to …
draklive-resize 659   12 years fasma Added draklive, draklive-install and draklive-resize branches from …
drakx 1151   12 years fasma New trunk from Mandriva's 248120 revision
drakx-net 1093   12 years fasma Added vnc to the list of ports to open in the drakfirewall interface
GtkMdkWidgets 219   13 years fasma Created branch from the original
indexhtml 557   12 years fasma Replaces mandriva with caixamagica
initscripts 598   12 years fasma Check if connection type is xDSL so that it doesn't call gcom for a 3G …
krozat 200   13 years fasma Changed directory where krozat searches for images
liveusb-creator 3033   10 years lmcm Add support to burn *.img files. Fix some strings. Bump release.
mandriva-galaxy 162   13 years fasma Changed files and dirs do caixamagica
mandriva-kde-config 90   13 years fasma This is Mandriva's original version with no changes
menu-messages 221   13 years fasma Created the tarball with the merged po files
ooo-build 284   13 years fasma Added ooo-build branch from Mandriva's revision 231709
software-updater 3054   10 years lmcm Fix string
synaptic 1085   12 years prrt Support of Urpm type
theme 719   12 years fasma Added Reposition entry, now also in tmp.po and bootloader.pot
userdrake2 607   12 years fasma Changed strings from Mandriva to Caixa Magica
wubi 12854   5 years fasma latet isolist.ini
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