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(edit) @693   12 years fasma More bug fixes, and removal of expert menu and MBR dd files
(edit) @692   12 years fasma Copy read-me to ntfs partition
(edit) @691   12 years fasma Added windows partition detection to add a grub entry if necessary
(edit) @690   12 years fasma Bug corrections in reposicao script
(edit) @689   12 years fasma Changed reposicao script to have live cd and a full format options
(edit) @688   12 years fasma Added reposicao_full script for e-escola reposicao
(edit) @687   12 years fasma Added bc rpm and call to udevd --daemon in rc.sysinit, both for …
(edit) @686   12 years fasma Create media/sistema ir reposition and make sure the sda6 partition is …
(edit) @685   12 years fasma Corrected rc.sysinit path
(edit) @684   12 years fasma ready to create reposition DVD's for e-escolas
(edit) @683   12 years fasma reposition and not reposicao
(edit) @682   12 years fasma Added reposicao files and scripts
(edit) @681   12 years fasma Removed readme's and added nautilus-openterminal packages
(edit) @662   12 years fasma KDE version beta
(edit) @657   12 years fasma Some more Caixa Magica configs
(edit) @656   12 years fasma Added directory extra/Live
(edit) @655   12 years fasma First changes to make a Caixa Magica Live CD
(edit) @654   12 years fasma Added the Live configuration scripts branch from mandriva original …
(edit) @653   12 years fasma Added the Live conficuration scripts
(edit) @448   12 years fasma Added packager and extractor scripts
(edit) @175   13 years fasma Scripts and configuration files updated to latest releases
(edit) @123   13 years fasma Added rpm-build to the script
(edit) @122   13 years fasma Correct so that …
(edit) @121   13 years fasma Correct /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/MDV/ to use cm12 …
(edit) @120   13 years fasma Added perl-MDV-Repsys to the script
(edit) @118   13 years fasma Updated for final versions... again
(edit) @117   13 years fasma Updated for final versions
(edit) @116   13 years fasma Added a script to install all necessary packges to recompile drakx
(edit) @111   13 years fasma Actualizei o tarball_files e o tarball_names
(edit) @110   13 years fasma Alterado o caminho para os pacotes no cm_repsys.conf de cooker para cm12
(edit) @47   13 years fasma Scripts updated to latest versions
(edit) @19   13 years sicns updated
(edit) @18   13 years fasma Updated the script an added the config file tarball_names
(edit) @3   13 years fasma updated
(add) @1   13 years fasma Initial Import from Mandriva's soft revision 224062 and package …
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