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Acessability (Aptoide auto installer without root)

Project Details

Purpose of this project

Advanced app installation

Project Description

Auto installer without root - The user will not need to click on the Android Package Manager Install button, so the installation process is way smother, specially in the "update all” feature. App manager/cloning functions - The could move apps for and from system/priv-app or freeze apps. Also, it would be interesting to offer some App Cloning solution. Cloning apps is really useful for having having multiple accounts without the need to logout every time.

Project Source Code

Source Code


Weekly Reports

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Trainee details

Trainee Name

Tiago Paiva Leite Pedrinho

Past Experience

Academic only.

Current Situation

Finished my 2nd year in Telecomunications and Computer Science degree, at ISCTE.

Motivation for the Project

Even though I have no experience in Android, I wanted to learn more about Android and mobile in general, in an environment where I could learn from someone who works with these technologies instead of trying to learn alone.

Having a mentor who can teach us was also a big plus in my decision to apply to the internship.


Diogo Loureiro.

Ana Simões.