Aptoide Lite

Project Details

Purpose of this project

Develop Aptoide Lite - An Aptoide App version for "low-end" android devices.

Project Description

With the increase of interest in connecting everyone in the world to the Internet, companies like Google and Facebook launch projects aimed at giving it for free to people in developing countries. This means potencially billions of users have access to internet, but "low-end" devices.

It is in our interest to have a "light-weight" application that runs smoothly in any android device, even with a low speed connection, in order to increase the number of users.

Project Source Code

Source Code


Phase 1 - State of the art and Architecture [July 15 to July 24]

  • Tutor meeting and goals definition
  • Project planning
  • Creation of the project wiki page
  • Search information about Lite app versions
  • Study Android development
  • Study Aptoide application
  • Study Aptoide source code
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Initial Presentation

Phase 2 - Prepare Implementation [July 27 to July 31]

  • Sharpen Android development skills
  • Test / Study Aptoide application
  • Decide how to tackle the problem
    • Webview vs 100 % native application
      • Webview is the way to go
    • How to implement download manager
      • Build a new & simple download manager
    • How will mobile website (m.aptoide) feed Aptoide Lite application
      • Use m.aptoide and block unwanted layouts/implementations via code injection in Aptoide Lite

Phase 3 - Interface Design and Implementation [August 3 to August 31]

  • Development of Aptoide Lite:
    • Objectives : To reduce .apk size, memory usage & bandwidth consumption
      • Week 1 : Apk size
        • Use of Webviews, working on the Download Manager
        • Working on the Download Progress Dialog
        • Javascript code injection to hide unwanted HTML blocks from m.aptoide
      • Week 2 : Memory footprint
        • Learning about Retrofit, Robospice, OkHTTP and Jackson libs
        • Making webservices calls to get apk info
        • Setting up restrictions on apk downloads based on application requirements and user device
      • Week 3 : Bandwidth consumption
        • Removing Jackson dependencies (too much space - 500kB)
        • Using Gson as a converter (JSON to POJO) instead of Jackson
        • Managing cookies - Injecting Hardware filters to install the best suitable version of the application on user device
      • Week 4 : Wrapping up
        • Learning about Obb files and how to manage them
        • Tweaking some application functionalities like Progress Dialogs/ Alerts/ Notifications

Phase 4 - Tests and Documentation [September 1 to September 12]

  • Functionality Tests
    1. Comparing .apk size, memory footprint, bandwidth consumption between normal version and Lite
    2. Debugging Aptoide Lite
  • Improvement of design and accessibility
  • Polish and bug fixing
  • Final Presentation

Initial Presentation

Or check Attachments at the end of this page.

Final Presentation

Weekly Reports

Weekly reports can be found at Attachments section at the end of this page.


  • Low level of experience in android development might delay project


  • Study / Train Android development outside working hours.

Trainee details

Trainee Name

João Andrade

Current Situation

Just finished 2nd Year of Computer Engineering @ ISCTE-IUL.

Motivation for the Project

  • Earn experience in a professional environment
  • Improve and learn new programing skills - focus on android development.
  • Enjoying the Summer by working in a young and dynamic team


Paulo Trezentos


Henrique Sousa

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