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Aptoide TV Hardware Detection

Project Details

Purpose of this project

The purpose of this project is to lay the foundation necessary (detection and recognition of controllers) in order to, in the future:

  • Suggest appropriate apps based on connected controllers.
  • Suggest what controller to connect in order to enjoy a certain app.

Project Description

Creation of an external library able to:

  • Detect and recognize different controllers (USB and Bluetooth) connected to AndroidTV or set-top box.
  • Give user feedback based on connectivity changes.

Project Source Code

Source Code


Phase I [ July 12 - July 17 ]

  • Meeting mentor
  • Project discussion
  • Task planning and estimation
  • Workspace preparation (IDE, Git, wiki, etc.)
  • Creation of the project wiki page
  • Initial project mockup.
  • Initial presentation

Phase II [ July 18 - August 7 ]

  • Implement bluetooth detection.
  • Recognize bluetooth devices.
  • Give user feedback relative to bluetooth condition changes.
  • Create interface.
  • Convert to an external library.

Phase III [ August 8 - August 21 ]

  • Implement USB detection.
  • Recognize USB devices.
  • Give user feedback relative to USB condition changes.
  • Create interface.

Phase IV [ August 22 - September 9 ]

  • Automatic Tests.
  • Continuous integration.
  • Final Internship report.


  • Documentation / Wiki.

Initial Presentation

Weekly Reports

See attachments section for weekly reports.

Trainee details

Trainee Name

Francisco Aleixo

Past Experience

  • Academic Projects.
  • Individual mini-projects in my spare time.

Current Situation

Just finished Computer Engineering Bachelor's Degree @ ISCTE-IUL

Motivation for the Project

  • Earn experience by working on a professional atmosphere.
  • Enjoy summer by doing something productive.


Gonçalo Ribeiro