Project Details


GPL V2 (the current license used for all Caixa Mágica's internal projects)

Purpose of this project

Development of a Web component (Bazaar Mobile) in the Cloud. Specifically in Amazon Cloud or GoGrid Cloud

Project description

Comparing between Cloud Computing Systems then deciding which is better option for Current Bazaar Mobile Web Component. Changing current written code to adapt for new cloud system.


  • (16-20 July): Project Planning [Done]
  • (23-27 July): Tests for Cloud Hosting Systems[Done]
  • (30 July- 7 August): Defining architecture[Done]
  • (8-24 August): Adapting current system to new architecture[Done]
  • (27 August – 7 September): Final reviews, tests, corrections[Done]
  • (10-13 September): Preparing presentation[Done]
  • (14 September): Presentation

Risk Mitigation, Monitoring and Management Plan

Risks Identified

  • Problems while adapting current code for new system
  • Performance problems may occur

Risk Mitigation

  • Contact the official developers and see best practices, examples.
  • Learn from online tutorials.
  • Study the existing code and ask for help from others.

Risk Management

  • Talk with mentor about issues that may appear.
  • Search and ask for help from other sources.
  • Check weekly if progress is being made.

Mentor information


Caixa Mágica Software

Company description

Caixa Mágica is one of the open source projects with most historical background in Portugal.

Born in a college environment at ISCTE in 2000, has been growing steadily for the last eight years, supported by a set of visions, mission and values and a strategy the help maintaining the focus on open source technologies.

In 2004, a spin-off company started, being held a strong relationship with ADETTI through a contract of shared development. The company Caixa Mágica Software had positive results in 2004 and has been growing 30% each year.

Today, Caixa Mágica has 15 to 20 collaborators distributed along three main areas:

Product: engineering team that develops the Linux Caixa Mágica distribution.

Currently, about 900 units are sold each month, spread along online sales, store and special programs.

Outsourcing: projects that highly demand open source technologies and where our professionals are an added value.

Research: European and National projects that feed technology and competence to other business units. At the moment we have a cycle of three years from the initial research to product availability.

Added to the three main areas, Caixa Mágica has three more areas of smaller dimensions but growing: Training, Professional Services and Appliances.


Cláudio Luis

Trainee details


Past experience

I worked as a Computer Programmer last two years in different companies especially in web devolopment area in Portugal and I have also worked for 4 years as a Freelancer.

Current situation

Information Systems and Computer Engineering MSc master student at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in Lisboa with Software Engineering as major area and Multimedia as minor.


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