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    1111   * Phase 1: IAB code migration engine: create a Web page with two boxes and a button in the middle of them. The left box is an input box where the developer pastes the source code of it’s Android App with Google  IAB “calls”. After pressing  the button, the engine inserts the OpenIAB code in the right box. He then can copy that code to their IDE. [[BR]]
    13    * Phase 2: Develop an import mechanism to import the SKUs (items bought inside the App) into our platform. The import mechanism an work in one of the following ways: 1) CSV exportation in Google Play backoffice and importation in Aptoide backoffice 2) API calls from Aptoide to Play to retrieve the existent SKUs 3) scraping of the Play backoffice with the Developer credentials.  The proof of concept consists in retrieving the SKUs in one of the ways.
     13   * Phase 2: Implement an Intelli J plugin to suppress the need to use the Web Page.
    1515=== Project Source Code ===
    100100-> Improved error handling and messages shown to user.
     102'''Seventh Week (22-28 August) :'''
     104-> Progress shown to mentor.[[BR]]
     105-> Found incapability on Roaster API to parse anonymous classes and methods.[[BR]]
     106-> New translation made according to Aptoide's new In-App Billing interface.[[BR]]
     107-> Re-started working on a Intelli J plugin after a meeting with my mentor.[[BR]]
     108-> PsiFiles documentation studied.[[BR]]
     109-> Searched for a plugin to help parse Java code on Intelli J but couldn't find a suitable one.[[BR]]
     110-> JavaParser is an API that I found that can be more complete than Roaster, further tests needed.[[BR]]
     111-> Struggling to use PsiFiles correctly so asked for help on Intelli J's Plugin Development forum.[[BR]]
     112-> Studied documentation about PsiClass,PsiFile and PsiJavaFile.
     114'''Eighth Week (29 August-2 September) :'''
     116-> After seeking help on Intelli J's Plugin Development forum, I can now iterate over all .java files on the project folder.[[BR]]
     117-> Tests made with Psi Files (how to modify them and save changes).[[BR]]
     118-> PsiClass is not an efficient object to be modified, chose to make a different approach on how to handle the modifications needed.[[BR]]
     119-> Several discussions on Intelli J's Plugin Development forum to understand how to implement the features I want.[[BR]]
     120-> Meeting with Katerina from HR.[[BR]]
     121-> The questions on StackOverflow were not answered.[[BR]]
     122-> Started writing code to modify files.[[BR]]
     123-> Simple tests made to ensure I understand the type of objects and methods I am working with.[[BR]]
     124-> Found that the modifications will all be made on PsiElements with the replace() method.
    102127== Trainee details ==