IAP Wrapper

Project Details

Purpose of this project

Give an easy way to developers to post their Apps in Aptoide that were initially designed for Google Play's In-App Purchases.

Project Description

In-App Purchase it's the possibility given to the Android user to buy items (coins, levels,...) inside an App. The IAP must be implemented by the developer by adding a SDK in is App allowing the user to buy things by the App Store installed. The most used IAP it's the Google Play. However there is a try of "open standard" called OpenIAB ( The OpenIAB forces the developer to change his APK to include it. This process takes some time and it's a barrier to a better adoption. The objective of this internship it's to create a wrapper that receives an APK with Google's IAP and transforms it to an APK with OpenIAB. This process forces the new APK to have a new Package ID and a new signature.

Project Documentation



Phase 1 - Learn Basics (15/7 - 24/7)

  1. How to decompile and compile again
  2. Learn smali basics
  3. Learn about IAP

Phase 2 - Kickstart (27/7 - 7/8)

  1. See the diferences between Google's IAP and OpenIAB
  2. Find all the possible ways to implement Google's IAP
  3. Use-Case elaboration of a program to automate this task - IAPWrapper

Phase 3 - Development (10/8 - 4/9)

  1. Implementation of IAPWrapper (Java)

Phase 4 - Testing (7/9 - 11/9)

  1. Fix possible bugs
  2. Make sure there are all the code comments needed

Phase 5 - Goodbye Summer (14/9 - 16/9)

  1. Prepare the Final Intership Presentation

Weekly Reports

Week 1 - July 15 to July 17

Get to know the company and the people. Started research of the tecnologies that I'm going to use and looking for similar programs to get a better ideia of the project.

Week 2 - July 20 to July 24

Achieve the first points of the Road-map and started Phase 2.

Week 3 - July 27 to July 31

Explore ways to implement google's IAP

Week 4 - August 3 to August 7

Mind storming and implementing google's IAP on a simple app

Week 5 - August 10 to August 14

Implementing and testing diferent styles of google's IAP

Week 6 - August 17 to August 21

Implementing OpenIAB and converting google's IAP to OpenIAB via SMALI

Week 7 - August 24 to August 28

Testing in real apps

Week 8 - August 31 to September 4

More tests in real apps

Week 9 - September 7 to September 11

Document all the important info about this project

Week 10 - September 14 to September 16

Making a tutorial video about implementing OpenIAB and final presentation

Trainee details

Trainee Name

Filipe Pedras

Current Situation

Currently I'm a student in Computer Engineering at University of Lisbon Faculty of Sciences.

Motivation for the Project

Earn experience in a professional environment Improvement of hard and soft skills Discover the mobile world


Álvaro Pinto & Pedro Rodrigues

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