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Peer-to-Peer APK Transmission

Project Details

Purpose of this project

Develop P2PAPKTransmission, an app where people can share any apk installed on their phone to any of their friends.

Project Description

Some people might want to share good applications/games and this project will provide them an easier way to do it. Instead of having their friends downloading it from the app store, they can instantly share the apk file through a fast and secure way.

Project Source Code

Source Code


Phase 1 - Architecture [ July 12 - July 17]

  • Meeting tutor
  • Project explanation
  • Project planning
  • Defining goals
  • Setting up tools that will be needed during the development of the project
  • Creation of the project wiki page
  • Investigation about similar projects
  • Creating mockups for the application
  • Requirements definition
  • Initial presentation

Phase 2 - Preparation of the implementation [ July 18 - July 24]

  • Study Aptoide Lite application
  • Analyzing ways to implement the three ways to transfer the data:
    • Wifi Direct (P2P)
    • Hotspot
    • Bluetooth

Phase 3 - Implementation [ July 25 - August 28]

  • Development phase :
    • Week 1 :
      • Initial Layout
      • Creating the list of the installed apks.
    • Week 2 :
      • Finishing the list of the installed apks and its layout.
      • Creating the animation for searching for close devices.
    • Week 3 :
      • Transmission through Hotspot
    • Week 4 :
      • Transmission through Hotspot
    • Week 5 :
      • Transmission through Hotspot

Phase 4 - Testing and extras [ August 29 - September 9]

  • Testing
  • Bug fixing
  • Small improvements
  • Final Presentation

After a meeting with one of the designers, the project goal changed, so the roadmap also changed.

Weekly Reports

Please check the Attachments at the end of the page.

Initial Presentation

Please check the Attachments at the end of the page.

Final Presentation

Please check the Attachments at the end of the page

Trainee details

Trainee Name

Filipe Gonçalves

Past Experience

Current Situation

Graduated on Computer Science at ISCTE-IUL

Motivation for the Project

  • Experience of working in a professional level
  • Improve/learn new skills
  • Working with new people


João Andrade

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