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Plugin Assinatura Office Suite

Project Details

Purpose of this project

The main objective of this project is to develop two plug-ins, one for LibreOffice and another for MS Office, that provide the user with easy access to a document digital signing tool. This will give the user easier, more intuitive access to the Autenticaçã middleware SmartCard? signing options.

Project Description

This project consists in the development of simple, easy to use add-ins for Microsoft Office and LibreOffice that provide document digital signing options.
The plug-ins will provide access to the different digital signing options made available by the Autenticaçã middleware from within the above mentioned Office suites.
There are two main stages in this project, each one corresponding to the development of the plug-in for one of the two different Office Suites. Different languages and frameworks will be used between the two plug-ins due to ease of development and adaptability to the the different suite's requirements.

Project Source Code

Source Code


Stage 1: July 10th - July 19th

  • Mentor meeting;
  • Project context definition;
  • Understanding of the project's objectives;
  • Research on the most suited IDEs, programming languages and frameworks;
  • Setup base work environment and project wiki;
  • Project temporal planning;
  • Initial presentation.

Stage 2: July 20th - July 28th
Feeding Buffer: July 31st - August 1st

  • Development of the LibreOffice plug-in:
    • Development of Java entry point;
    • Development of the GUI for LibreOffice menu and tool bars;
    • Autenticaçã middleware integration;
  • Functional tests and minor adjustments.

Stage 2.5: August 2nd - August 4th

  • Setup of the work environment for MS Office VSTO add-in development;
  • Get familiar with C# programming language, the .NET framework and VisualStudio;
  • Get familiar with basic VSTO add-in architecture.

Stage 3: August 7th - August 15th
Feeding Buffer: August 16th - August 18th

  • Development of the MS Office VSTO add-in:
    • Development of C#.NET base code;
    • Development of a basic test GUI for MS Office;
    • Autenticaçã middleware integration;
  • Plug-in GUI embellishment;
  • Functional tests and minor adjustments.

Stage 4: August 21st - August 25th

  • Migration of the developed plug-ins for lower Office versions compatibility (if required);
  • Unofficial project presentation:
    • Opinions on the final product;
    • Adjust project details according to critics;
  • Final presentation.

Project Ending *The remaining days until the end of the internship (September 8th) will serve as a project buffer.

Weekly Reports

Week 1;
Week 2;

Trainee details

Trainee Name

João Amado

Past Experience

Took part in some independent small projects (mostly) related with cybersecurity, web services and back-end architecture.
Developed various academic projects related with different areas, from advanced computer architecture to parallel and distributed computing.
My only professional work experience was in a cement factory... (more of a funny one)

Current Situation

Taking a masters degree in Computers/IT @ Instituto Superior Técnico.
Taking an internship @ Caixa Mágica Software.

Motivation for the Project

Make contact with a professional work environment. Extend my knowledge base and upgrade my skills.
Provide valuable contribution to the development of a relevant project.


André Guerreiro

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