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Plugin Assinatura Office Suite

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Stage 1: Mentor meeting;
Project context definition;
Understanding of the project's objectives;
Research on the most suited IDEs, programming languages and frameworks;
Setup work environment and project wiki;
Project temporal planning;
Initial presentation;

Stage 2: Development of LibreOffice plug in Stage 2.5: Setup of the work environment (Visual Studio, etc..)
Learn about C# .NET; get familiarized with the language and framework; Stage 3: Development of MS Office plug in; Stage 4: FINAL

Weekly Reports

Please check the Attachments section.

Trainee details

Trainee Name

João Amado

Past Experience

Took part in some independent small projects (mostly) related with cybersecurity, web services and back-end architecture.
Developed various academic projects related with different areas, from advanced computer architecture to parallel and distributed computing.
My only professional work experience was in a cement factory... (more of a funny one)

Current Situation

Taking a masters degree in Computers/IT @ Instituto Superior Técnico.
Taking an internship @ Caixa Mágica Software.

Motivation for the Project

Make contact with a professional work environment. Extend my knowledge base and upgrade my skills.
Provide valuable contribution to the development of a relevant project.


André Guerreiro

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