Citizen Card support in mobile environment

Project Details

Purpose of this project

Developing support for citizen data display and digital signature with the Citizen Card(CC) in the Android platform.

Project Description

Development of a prototype of an Android application which reads and displays the citizen information present in the Portuguese CC. The main feature is digital signature using the CC. In the digital signature, the main goal is to sign PDF files placed in the file system of the user's device. The user can choose the some signature parameters like reason, location, contact and pick a zone in the document to place the signature. This project is integrated with Esign Project, a platform for distributed digital signatures. This way, the app can be launched from a link in the Esign webpage, download the document, sign and upload back to the esign server.


Phase 1 - State of the art and Architecture [14/July to 26/July]

  • Tutor meeting and goals definition
  • Project planning
  • Creation of the project wiki page
  • Initial Presentation
  • State of the art analysis by studying similar projects(DNIe Java Controller and Pteid Middleware)
  • Definition of CC operations and corresponding APDUs
  • Architectural design to support the requirements

Phase 2 - Implementation (Java) [26/July to 16/August]

  • Development of a Java Library to implement the communication protocol with the CC, using a desktop environment and a card reader plugged in the desktop
  • Integration of the Java library in the Android environment, using a card reader plugged in the device.

Phase 3 - Interface Design and Implementation (Android) [16/August to 1/September]

  • Interface Sketches Design
  • Interface implementation
  • Citizen's identity Data Display
  • Citizen's address Data Display
  • Digital Signature implementation using the library

Phase 4 - Tests and Documentation [1/September to 12/September]

  • Functionality Tests
  • Improvement of design and accessibility
  • Esign integration
  • Final Presentation

Trainee details

Trainee Name

Vítor Martins

Past Experience

  • Junior Java Consultant by B.ON Engineering at Mobbit Systems.
  • Computer collaborator in an office supply chain store(Staples).
  • Door-to-door and call-center sales in the IPTV business.

Current Situation

I’m a BSc graduated student in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Lisbon Faculty of Sciences. Currently I'’m undergoing a MSc in Computer Engineering at University of Lisbon Faculty of Sciences, with focus on Information Systems.

Motivation for the Project

  • Earn experience in a professional environment
  • Improvement of hard and soft skills
  • Enjoying the Summer by working in a young and dynamic team


André Guerreiro

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