TV (Set-Top Box) & Facebook integration in HTML5

Project Details


GPL v2

Purpose of this project

Create a social integration experience while watching television by enabling the user to like and share his favorite shows and view his friends activity.

Project Description

This project consists in develop a HTML5 solution of TV & Facebook integration via set-top box, enabling the user of the service to like and share his favorite shows, and view his friends activity.

Conceived has a prototype for further implementation in a set-top box, this prototype consist in a video player that simulates the interaction between the TV and the remote controller. It allows the user to switch the video just like switching a channel. The primary features of the project are:

  • Facebook Login;
  • Like/Share? (Saw) actions:
    • Like: allows the user to like a video. In further implementation on a set-top box, it will depend on what the user is watching. If it's a episode from a TV series, the like will be for that episode; if it's a TV show that only occurs one time, or it has always the same content, it will be for that show. A "Like" action can only be done once.
    • Share (Saw): The "Share (Saw)" action allows the user to share on Facebook that he just saw a certain show. A "Saw" action can be done as many times the user wants
  • Receive notifications from friends (like/share actions);
  • Disable notifications (if the user doesn't want to receive notifications);
  • Receive recommendations based on what the user's friends like.


  • Phase 1: State of the art research, project planning, and first presentation
    • Duration: 15/07 - 19-07
  • Phase 2: Use-case elaboration, possible scenarios, limitations and starting implementation
    • Duration: 21/07 - 02/08
      • Web-based user interface;
      • Facebook user login;
      • Facebook actions (like, share);
  • Phase 3: Development & Testing and final presentation
    • Duration: 05/08 - 13/09
      • Obtain user's friends information;
      • Web-services specification;
      • Database development;
      • Notification/Recommendation? server development;
      • Optimization and final tests;
      • Final presentation;

Trainee details

Trainee Name

Fábio Pais

Past Experience

Academic knowledge in Java, C, C#, ASP, SQL, Assembly, Bash (Shell Scripting) and HTML. Self-taught knowledge in HTML and JavaScript?.

Current Situation

Fourth year student in Computer Science and Business Management degree in ISCTE-IUL

Motivation for the Project

This project will allow me to increase my knowledge in web-based solutions (HTML5, JavaScript?, PHP, MySQL), as well acquire further knowledge in third-party API's (in this case, Facebook API).


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