Aptoide Timeline - Web Development

Project Details

Project Purpose

Introduction of a brand new Timeline to Aptoide App.

Project Description

"Aptoide Timeline - Web Development" consists of an improvement to interactions among friends who use Aptoide, allowing users to view and share installed apps to other friends listed on Facebook.


1st Phase(14/07 - 25/07): Design data model and sequence diagrams to gather requirements and understand the project as a whole; Get solid knowledge about the languages (PHP, PostgreSQL) required for the project before advancing to development; Set up the environment and required tools to start working on the project; Definition and creation of the necessary content in the database; Read and study all the project code to get ready to develop the 1st Web Service.

2nd Phase(28/07 - 08/08): Conclusion of development of the 1st Web Service to register a new app installed by a user in the database; Development of new features to Aptoide Timeline such as Hide / Comment / Like and others; Update database model to support new features; Design of the sequence diagrams for all Web Services; Development of "dummy" Web Services; Conclusion of the Web Service used when user activates/deactivates Timeline.

3rd Phase(11/08 - 29/08): Conclusion of development of the following web services:

  • addUserApkInstallComment; Add comment
  • getUserApkInstallComments; Get comment
  • addUserApkInstallLike; Add like/unlike
  • changeUserApkInstallStatus; Hide/Show
  • getUserApkInstallSettings. Get Active/Deactive Timeline status Development of useful functions:

  • getUserApkInstallLike; Check if user liked a post
  • getNumberUserApkInstallLikes; Get number of likes a post has
  • getUserApkInstallComments; Get a list of comments from a post
  • getNumberUserApkInstallComments; Get number of comments a post has
  • getUserApkCommentErrors; Check if a user comment has errors
  • updateUserApkFriends; Update friends list in database
  • getUserByFBID. Get user ID through his Facebook ID Integration of Facebook API to succesfully retrieve friends who use Aptoide; Conclusion of the last, and most important, web service: listUserApkInstall.

4th Phase(01/09 - 12/09): Started to work on Timeline for the "" website; Improve code quality and efficiency; Fixed several bugs; Integration of the webservice "listUserApkInstall" at Timeline Web; Documentation of all webservices; Started to work on the final presentation.

Trainee details

Trainee Name

Tiago Sousa

Past Experience

Frontend Developer at Followprice, Lisboa (Portugal)

Currently involved in Followprice project, a startup who reached top 30 of an international contest (Lisbon Challenge) among 700 startups, to be "accelerated" for 3 months with the help of top mentors part of the Beta-i organization, reaching 5th place at the final.

Responsible by Front-end of the Facebook App, Website and various widgets involving HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and libraries/platforms such as Node.js, Sails.js and Knockout.js.


Advanced knowledge in C, C++, Java, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and JQuery.js. Node.js, Sails.js, Knockout.js and other libraries.

Basic knowledge in mySQL, PostgreSQL, C#.

Current Situation

Studying Computer Science and Engineering at IST(Instituto Superior Técnico), 3rd year.

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