Aptoide Timeline

Project Objective

Add a "Timeline" to the Aptoide app that displays various information about our friends activities related to the app.

Project Description

The 'Aptoide Timeline' will display multiple information regarding friend app installations, updates and recommendations that they do between one another (similar do Facebook's News Feed).

App recommendations is a possibility along the road.


  • Phase 1 - Learn Basics (14/7 - 25/7):
    1. Learn Android basics.
    2. Understand the project as a whole. (in order to know exactly what I'm supposed to do)
    3. Do a mock-up
    4. Try the Facebook API (what is required from it).
  • Phase 2 - KickStart (28/7 - 1/8):
    1. Divide the main project Objective in smaller ones. (detailed on Phase 3)
    2. Find everything that is required for all the objectives (API's, etc).
      1. Learn more about Android Adapter class and ListView's.
      2. Learn/Try RoboSpice.
      3. Learn about Web services.
      4. Facebook SDK - OAuth token
    3. Sketch a few ideas; do some brainstorming.
  • Phase 3 - Development (4/8 - 22/8):
    1. Active development. Objectives:
      1. Create the drawer (sidebar) entry.
      2. Implement RoboSpice server communication services.
      3. Create a ListView w/ a custom Adapter class (Timeline User Interface).
      4. Get Facebook Access token.
      5. Terms & Conditions screen (if not registered).
      6. Deactivate/Unregister Timeline.
      7. Likes & Comments
      8. Pull & Refresh
      9. Pagination
  • Phase 4 - Fix it! (25/8 - 29/8):
    1. Fix possible (minor) bugs.
    2. Improve the general aspect of what's been done (maybe extras).
      1. Improve the code.
      2. Improve the looks.
  • Phase 5 - Leave Docs "behind" (1/9 - 5/9):
    1. Project comments and other info.
  • Phase 6 - Extras (8/9 - 12/9):
    1. Final Internship Presentation.
    2. (reserved time-slot for whatever may come).


Identified Risks

  • Lack of experience in Android and Facebook development
    • Note: This is already delaying at least 2 weeks into the project
  • Scheduling delays
    • Some complications might delay the project more than accounted for

Mitigating the Risks

  1. Lack of Experience:
    1. Follow the Google Android development tutorials.
    2. Read programming books (in free time) to gather ideas and possible solutions.
    3. Ask Mentor for help.
  2. Scheduling delays:
    1. Use the afternoons; weekends if necessary.

Trainee Information

Sérgio Rebelo
Academic Experience
Just finished 2nd Year of "Telecommunications and Computer Engineering" (ETI) at ISCTE-IUL
Professional Experience
System Administration and IT Support at ACES Sintra (currently the biggest national health care grouping in Portugal) LinkedIn profile Facebook profile
Motivation for this project
Learn Android development, become more experienced and use the Summer for something meaningful
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