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Screencast Multiplayer Game - Control

Project Details

Purpose of this project

This projects will allow a user to play a multiplayer game with motion sensors using only one Android smartphone per person and a Google Cast device, such as a chromecast or Nexus Player. This games substitutes a Video Game Console such as Nintendo Wii.

Project Description

This project is an oportunity to gain knowledge about the Google Cast APIs and Android motion sensors.

The Screen Cast Multiplayer Game project is divided into two components: the Control and the View, where the latter is the graphical component of the game (

In the Control component of the project, the two main tasks are:

  • extract relevant information from the smartphone's motion sensors and translate it into actions in the game;
  • establish and manage the communication between devices, in order to have access to the player information, game status and exchange action requests.

Project Source Code

Source Code


Phase 1 - Research and Planning [July ? to July ?]

  • Tutor meeting and goals definition;
  • Project planning;

Weekly Reports

Trainee details

Trainee Name

Past Experience

Current Situation

Motivation for the Project

  • Turn Android devices into Video Game Remotes and Consoles;
  • Learn about Motion Capture using Android smartphones;
  • Learn the Google Cast APIs;
  • Improve programming skills;
  • Develop a fun and interesting application.


Mentor : Rui Cardoso

Co-mentor : Vitor Martins