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Screencast Multiplayer Game - View

Project Details

Purpose of this project

Develop a multiplayer game, Kayacast, for Android that uses the phones as motion sensors for interaction and a device able to receive cast to screen the game.

Project Description

The Screencast Multiplayer Game is divided into two parts : Control and View.

We're going to focus on the View component on this project, and the main goals are: *

Project Source Code

Source Code


Phase 1 - Research and Planning [July 12 to July 15]

  • Mentor meeting and brainstorming
  • Project discussion
  • Initial research
  • Task planning
  • Set up SVN and Wiki page
  • Initial presentation

Phase 2 - Research and Game Grapic Libraries [1,5 weeks - July 18 to 27 July]

  • Research game graphic libraries
    • Benchmark
    • Initial simple test with the library (helloworld)
  • Analyze and test work environments and graphic libraries
  • Set up chosen work environment and library
  • Test screencast (helloworld)

Phase 3 - Design and Implementation [ ? to ? August]

  1. Multiplayer Collaboration (2 players, 1 kayak)
  • Design and implement game environment
  • Define movement of kayak
  • Add features
    • Initial menu
    • Countdown timer
    • Restart
    • Quit
  1. Multiplayer Competition (multiple players, each kayak with a single player)
  • Implement new type of game

Phase 4 - Tests, documentation and final presentation

  • Tests
  • Integration with the "Kaycast" Control component
  • Documentation
    • Project documentation
    • Internship documentation
  • Final presentation

Weekly Reports

Trainee details

Trainee Name

Marina Ferreira

Past Experience

Current Situation

Finishing 3rd year of Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico

Motivation for the Project

Obtaining experience in a professional environment and improve gaming interface skills


Vítor Martins