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Screencast Multiplayer Game - View

Project Details

Purpose of this project

Develop a multiplayer game, Kayacast, for Android that uses the phones as motion sensors for interaction and a device able to receive cast to screen the game.

Project Description

The Screencast Multiplayer Game is divided into two parts : Control and View.

We're going to focus on the View component on this project, and the main goals are:

  • Implement Cast, that will allow the game to be transmitted in a TV while using the phone as the mode of interaction
  • Design and implement the game with simple, 2D graphs, aiming for a flat design

Project Source Code

Source Code


Phase 1 - Research and Planning [1 week - July 12 to July 15]

  • Mentor meeting and brainstorming
  • Project discussion
  • Initial research
  • Task planning
  • Set up SVN and Wiki page
  • Initial presentation

Phase 2 - Research and Test Gaming Libraries; Test Screencast [1,5 weeks - July 18 to 26 July]

  • Set up chosen work environment and library
  • Research game graphic libraries
    • Benchmark
      • Compability with Google Cast and Android SDK
      • Learning curve
      • 2D
    • Initial simple test with the library (helloworld)
  • Test screencast (helloworld)

Phase 3 - Design and Implementation [6 weeks - 27 August to 31 August]

  1. Multiplayer Collaboration (2 players, 1 kayak)
  • Design and implement game environment
  • Define movement of kayak
  • Add features
    • Initial menu
    • Countdown timer
    • Restart
    • Quit
  1. Multiplayer Competition (multiple players, each kayak with a single player)
  • Implement new type of game

Phase 4 - Tests, Documentation and Final Presentation [1,5 weeks - 1 September to 9 September]

Weekly Reports

Trainee details

Trainee Name

Marina Ferreira

Past Experience

Current Situation

Finishing 3rd year of Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico

Motivation for the Project

Obtaining experience in a professional environment and improve technical skills


Vítor Martins


Rui Cardoso