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Static Code Quality Control Audit

Project Details

Purpose of this project

The development and implementation of a system to automatically compile, test and deploy source code with minimal user interaction, centralizing all required actions on a single platform in order to simplify workflow.

Project Description

Project Source Code

Source Code


  • Week 1 – Research and planing;
  • Week 2 – More research work and environment setup;
  • Weeks 3 to 5 – Development and testing of the project;
  • Weeks 6 and 7 – Final development and testing stages. Preparations for final delivery;
  • Week 7/8 – Preparation of a demonstration and the final presentation of the project;
  • Week 8 – Project presentation.

Weekly Reports

Please check the Attachments section.

Trainee details

Trainee Name

Eduardo Manuel Nunes Vidal

Past Experience

Self-taught, made software development a hobbie at the age of 12 and since then I've been using Visual Basic to code all sorts of applications for the Windows platform. I've worked with some other technologies such as Java, HTML, C# and many others and gained experience working with Windows and Linux based systems.

Current Situation

Computer Science 2º year student @ ISCTE-IUL

Motivation for the Project

  • Learning more about the software development environment and how the work is structured
  • Gain more knowledge in the technologies I'm working with in this project


Luis Lopes

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