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Swipe Based Game For Timeline

Project Details

Purpose of this project

Increase Timeline engagement and retention by creating a game based on a new type of card.

Project Description

Gamify Aptoide's Timeline by creating a new type of card that:

-Adds a quiz game, where every instance of this card represents a question;

-Users can swipe left or right to answer and gain/lose points based on the outcome;

-Reward users for coming back often with intrinsic rewards (badges, bragging rights, etc...);

Project Source Code

Source Code



-Create Work Breakdown Structure [DONE]

-Estimate Task Times [DONE]

-Workspace Set Up [DONE]

-Compose Presentation [DONE]

2-UI Creation

-Create UI Mocks [DONE]

-Define Behaviors [DONE]

3-Create Android App

-Create Views

--Create Card Layout [DONE]

--Implement Swipe [DONE]

-Create Business Logic [DONE]

-Setup Local Server [DONE]

4-Web Services Integration

-Create Question/Answer? JSON [DONE]

-Integrate with UI[DONE]


-Save Score [DONE]

-Update Score on Play [DONE]

-Create Leaderboards (Global, Country, Friends) [DONE]

-Update Leaderboards on Play [DONE]


-Implement Likes and Comments

-Implement Sharing Challenges with Friends

-Implement Sharing Rankings



-Final Report

(Time estimates can be found in the attachments bellow)

Weekly Reports

Please check the Attachments section.

Trainee details

Trainee Name

Francisco Calado

Past Experience

Current Situation

Finished Bachelor's in Information Technology and Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior Tecnico and currently completing the MSc, thesis and two courses missing.

Motivation for the Project

With this project I expect to gain experience working at a big organization with different moving parts. I also want to learn the most I possibly can about both Android development and gamification principles and techniques.


Gonçalo Ribeiro

João Andrade

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