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Translations on Demand

Project Details

Purpose of this project

Reduce Aptoide's APK size from 17MB to 11-12MB and provide better scaling for new translations.

Project Description

Currently, downloading the Aptoide APK gives the user all translations of the app. Since a user usually only uses one or two translations, there's a considerable waste of storage due to having unused translations on the application. The objective is to reduce the amount of translations the APK comes with and in case the app doesn't have the user's language, then it'll download the translation.

Project Source Code

Source Code


[Week 1] Research - Understand activities, fragments and views

[Week 2] Research - Find out the best possible solution

  • At the moment two possible solutions: setText programmatically in every fragment;
  • Create 6 custom view classes that will automaticly set the correct text.

The perfect solution would be to change how a normal Textview deals with the XML data but this seems to be impossible. (Viewresearch in attachments)

[Week 3] Implement solution -

  • All views must display the same text (prototype)
  • Implement "string translator" method

[Week 4] Implement solution - Text comes from a file in /data/data/aptoide/

[Week 5] Implement solution - Get said file from web

[Week 6] Implement solution / Test

[Week 7] Test

[Week 8] Presentation

Weekly Reports

Please check the Attachments section.

Trainee details

Trainee Name

Válter Santos

Past Experience

Current Situation

Completed Computer Science and Engineering Bachelor's degree at Instituto Superior Técnico

Motivation for the Project

  • Gain professional experience
  • Learn about the internal strucutre of android


Ana Lara Simões

Diogo Loureiro

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