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This is the main site of Caixa Mágica development.

The process consists of:

  • Package build
  • Installer / Configurator development

Since 2000 and until CM 11, Caixa Mágica had developed the installer / configurator (lucas/licas/xLucas/xLicas) from scratch.

The new version (code Antibes) and, this point forward, will have a major difference: we will share Mandriva framework (Installer and Configurator and core RPMs). It will not be the same code since we are committed to core technologies that are not in Mandriva roadmap.

The first reason for this decision is that we get better results if we join forces. That is the philosophy of open source software. Second, there is an existent successful Caixa Mágica - Mandriva partnership in EDOS project and we believe that together we can develop a strong european platform as base of a Linux Distribution.

Although there are several CM payed developers in the development process it is open to collaborations.

Development process

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For a low level roadmap, check the tickets here ContribSoft Tickets

Version Antibes Alpha (due to 13.7.2007, internal to developers team):

Feature Responsible Associated Tickets
Adaptation of infrastructure to Antibes Flávio Moringa (fasma) #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7
Development of first Apt to Drake-X João Abecasis (jpra) #8
Development of Apt with better dependency solving Paulo Trezentos (prrt)
Integration of Thin clienT support Pedro Garcia / André Queimado
Possible integration of better network management ???
Gnome testing & setup Susana Nunes (sicns)
Menus and desktop customization Susana Nunes (sicns)
KDE testing & setup fasma
Grub compliant with Vista sicns
OpenOffice? 2.2 building Rui Fernandes

Version Antibes Beta (due to 10.9.2007, public) :

Feature Responsible Associated Tickets
3G / broadband support ???
Design & Look-and-feel prrt & designers
Testing infrastructure & better RPM workflow Mário Morgado (mjvm)

Version 12 Final (due to mid-October 2007):

Feature Responsible Associated Tickets

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