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Welcome to the home of Caixa Mágica Linux development.

If you're looking for the main Caixa Mágica website you can find it here.

The process consists of:

  • Caixa Magica Packages development & building
  • Installer / Configurator development
  • Upstream projects packaging - check Contribware

Since 2000 and until CM 11, Caixa Mágica had developed the installer / configurator (lucas/licas/xLucas/xLicas) from scratch and shared the base with SuSE.

The new versions share Mandriva framework (Installer and Configurator and core RPMs). It is not entirely the same code since we are committed to core technologies that are not in Mandriva roadmap like Apt,.... Read the LetterToTheCommunity about the moving to Mandriva (portuguese).

Although there are several CM payed developers in the development process but it has always being open to contributions.

Development process

Caixa Mágica DEB based development process - Medium size
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Summer Internships



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