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Wizard for Smart Card Linux Login

Project Details

Purpose of this project

Development of a graphical wizard to support SmartCard? Login in Linux

Project Description

It is currently possible to setup Linux authentication using SmartCard?, however the configuration proccess is too dificult and technical for the end-user.

The main goal of the project is the creation of a graphical wizard that facilitates the configuration proccess of Linux authentication using the Portuguese ID Card ("Cartão de Cidadão").

A secondary goal for the project is the study of nice-to-have functionalities in this context: support different types of cards, customize login proccess based on card-session matching.

Project Source Code

Source Code


Phase 1 - Analysis and Planning [July 12 - July 17] - (1 week)

  • Tutor meeting and brainstorming
  • Project planning
  • Study SmartCard? solutions and frameworks for login authentication
  • Analysis and definition of project structure
  • Study manual configuration process of SmartCard? login
  • Set up work environment:
  • Initial Presentation

Phase 2 - Core Implementation [July 18 - July 31] - (2 weeks)

  • Study Linux authentication system
  • Develop algorithms to add a new configuration for login
  • Develop modules to support configuration management

Phase 3 - Graphical UI Design [August 1 - August 14] - (2 weeks)

  • Analysis of design usability and risky cases
  • Storyboarding
  • Study Python GUI tools
  • Develop the graphical interface

Phase 4 - Extras [August 15 - August 28] - (2 weeks)

  • Explore extra configuration options:
    • Multiple cards for the same session
    • Same card for different sessions
    • List configurations associated to a certain card
    • Customize login proccess for a configuration

Phase 4 - Tests and Documentation [August 29 - September 9] - (2 weeks)

  • Global Tests
  • Improvement of project readability and flexibility
  • Final Presentation

Weekly Reports

Trainee details

Trainee Name

Daniel Correia

Past Experience

Current Situation

I'm a second year Computer Science student at Instituto Superior Técnico, Alameda

Motivation for the Project

  • Have my first professional experience
  • Learn new methodologies and technologies
  • Explore and define areas of interest


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