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Incentive to the usage of Caixa Mágica

Project Details


GPL V2 (the current license used for all Caixa Mágica's internal projects)

Purpose of this project

The project's goal is to promote and incentivate the usage of Caixa Mágica. The idea is to convince people using the Caixa Mágica software as a first choice in the personal computer or in work stations. Although 5% of the Portuguese market is already using Caixa Mágica, still there 95% to conquer.

Project description

The project consists of a digital animation. It is started with a main cube that opens and then the viewer is pulled inside. After, there are another six cubes and each one has informations about Caixa Mágica Software - Software Center, Shotwell, Bunshee, Web, Messaging, Libre Office. Inside of each cube, there are details about each topic as there are illustrated videos. After zooming in and zooming out all six cubes, a zoom out is done until getting out of the main cube and ends with the Caixa Mágica logo. The animation is going to be developed in Blender.


Phase 1: Project planning

Summary: Project planning, storyboard, organize information, planning presentation. Deadline: 25/07/2011

Phase 2: Create a prototype without any graphic quality

Summary: Create a prototype to test and delineate the main project.

Deadline: 08/08/2011

Phase 3: Add materials, textures, illumination

Summary: Study the best materials and apply textures to the objects. Insert lights.

Deadline: 15/08/2011

Phase 4: Animation render

Summary: Insert keyframes and animation render.

Deadline: 29/08/2011

Phase 5: Post-editing - Add sound, incorporate videos

Summary: Choose videos (Caixa Magica tutorials), soundtrack and add it to the animation.

Deadline: 12/09/2011

Phase 6: Final Revision

Summary: Last review and insert in Caixa Magica site.

Deadline: 19/09/2011

Risk Mitigation, Monitoring and Management Plan


  1. Find out the best illumination model to the project. Solution: Gather information about illumination, test and render several times.
  2. Design issues. Solution: Study the color composition and also the camara's position.

Interaction with the community / Incentives to collaboration

It is important the feedback of the Caixa Mágica community.

Mentor information


Caixa Mágica Software

Company description

Caixa Mágica is one of the open source projects with most historical background in Portugal.

Born in a college environment at ISCTE in 2000, has been growing steadily for the last eight years, supported by a set of visions, mission and values and a strategy the help maintaining the focus on open source technologies.

In 2004, a spin-off company started, being held a strong relationship with ADETTI through a contract of shared development. The company Caixa Mágica Software had positive results in 2004 and has been growing 30% each year.

Today, Caixa Mágica has 15 to 20 collaborators distributed along three main areas:

  • Product: engineering team that develops the Linux Caixa Mágica distribution. Currently, about 900 units are sold each month, spread along online sales, store and special programs.
  • Outsourcing: projects that highly demand open source technologies and where our professionals are an added value.
  • Research: European and National projects that feed technology and competence to other business units. At the moment we have a cycle of three years from the initial research to product availability.

Added to the three main areas, Caixa Mágica has three more areas of smaller dimensions but growing: Training, Professional Services and Appliances.


Fábio Teixeira

Trainee details

Teresa Futscher de Deus

Past experience

My experience is mostly academic: Blender, Cinema 4D, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere skills. Interested by new technologies, design, graphic interfaces, web applications.

Current situation

Attending the second year of Master in Informatics Multimedia in ISCTE-IUL.

Motivation for the project

Develop my experience exploring the learned knowledge. Improve and develop skills interacting with a professional environment.


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