The "" script


Make sure that the latest changes made upstream by the Mandriva developers are integrated in our own versions in our repository, without losing changes already made by us.

Where to get it

The script is in the SVN caixamagica repository at:

To use it you should check it out with the following command:

svn co


You must have the "svk" package installed in your system. <repository_dir> [--domerge] --clean

Example: soft/build_system/account_management

This will try to merge the soft/build_system/account_management repository from mandriva with the same repository in the Caixa Magica server.

No actual change will be made in the Caixa Magica repository, this way you can resolve any conflicts that arouse. soft/build_system/account_management --domerge

This will do the actual merge and will update the Caixa Magica SVN repository


The merging has many problems, the Caixa Magica changes seem to be lost and only the latest mandriva version will remain, which is not what we want.

Consider this script a very early alpha version.

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