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    11= Old Development Process =
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     6Some important parts of development process:
     8 * 3 - [wiki:ftp_sync]: syncing between Cooker and CM RPMs. Changed CM RPMs should not be replaced by Cooker new RPMs but a warn should be issued (To-Do).
     9 * 4 - []: making the .sqfs with DrakX as well as all the installtion files necessary, including the kernel, isolinux and initrd. This requires the checkout of DrakX fron the SVN and the push of  the installation files file into ISO image or FTP server.
     10 * 5 - []: gateway between SVN code repository and SVN RPMs. This is complex since a relation of "1 to 1+" .
     11 * 6 - []: the building factory is responsible for retrieving a package from SVN RPM repository where they are in the format SPEC + Tarball, rpmbuild'ing it and pushing into the FTP server or ISO image. This should be done in a chroot'ed environment. In the future, should exist a distributed system to process it over O2H cluster (kenobi?).
     12 * 7 - []: changes in cooker SVN code should be replicated in CM SVN. However, the merge is a manual process to avoid hard conflicts.
     14How to contribute:
     15 * A - Code contributions: senior developers can commit directly to the SVN, others should submit a patch using address "software AT caixamagica DOT pt"
     16 * B - Testing: test the tools and RPMs. Have fun!
     17 * C - Reporting: submit a bug report with problems found. After [ checking] if the bug was not reported and, if not, [ reporting it].