Package Maintainers for Caixa Mágica 14

Caixa Mágica specific packages

Package SVN Path Maintainer Associated Tickets Comments
amule lmnn Mandriva doesn't have this package
apache pmmf
apt lmnn #44 #50 #51 #54 #77 lmnn is the package maintainer, but "aguerreiro" is the lead developer for the source code that is;a=summary
basesystem fasma
caixamagica-configs fasma A Caixa Mágica only package with specific Caixa Mágica files and configurations
caixamagica-gfxboot-theme fasma
caixamagica-kde4-config lmnn
caixamagica-kde-icons lmnn
caixamagica-kde-translation lmnn
caixamagica-lxde-config lmnn
caixamagica-release fasma
caixamagica-theme fasma #87 #117
caixamagica-xfce-config lmnn
cartao_de_cidadao rslf Os pacotes são binários, provenientes do site oficial do cartão de Cidadão
codeina pmmf
comgt fasma We added two patches: One to make the timeout only 20 sec, and other to check if the PIN is blocked
compiz pmmf
compositing-wm-common pmmf
desktop-common-data fasma
dkms fasma
drakconf fasma #98
draklive fasma
draklive-config-Live fasma
draklive-config-Repo fasma
draklive-install fasma #70
drakx-installer-advertising fasma #69
drakx-installer-binaries fasma
drakx-installer-images fasma
drakx-installer-rescue fasma
drakx-installer-stage2 fasma #67 #71
drakx-kbd-mouse-x11 fasma
drakx-net fasma #95 #96 #88 #175 #148
drakxtools fasma
epiphany pmmf
firefox fasma
firefox-l10n fasma
flashplayer fasma
gdm pmmf
gimp pmmf
gnome-control-center pmmf
gnome-desktop pmmf
gnome-menus pmmf
gnome-panel pmmf
gnome-python-extras pmmf
gnome-screensaver pmmf
gnome-session pmmf
indexhtml fasma
initscripts fasma #175
kaffeine4 lmnn
kde4-l10n-pt pmmf
kdebase4-workspace lmnn
kernel pmmf
kernel-headers pmmf
libgnome2 pmmf
lsb-release pmmf
lxde-common lmnn
menu-messages fasma
meta-task fasma #93 #97
minisat+ lmnn prrt is the original packager and maintains the code
mkcd fasma
myspell-dictionaries fasma
mysql pmmf
nautilus pmmf pmmf
perl-libapt-pkg prrt
perl-MDV-Distribconf fasma
printer-testpages pmmf
rpm pmmf
rpm-caixamagica-setup fasma
samba pmmf
shared-mime-info fasma #39
software-updater lmnn #39
sudo lmnn #61
synaptic lmnn
syslinux fasma
task-xfce lmnn
urpmi fasma
xdg-user-dirs fasma
xulrunner fasma

The latest version of these packages should always be available in the maintainers ftp space in:

Mandriva Packages

The Mandriva packages are maintained by Mandriva, and so are taken directly from the Mandriva mirrors, resigned with the Caixa Mágica RPM key and made available in the Caixa Mágica repositories without repackaging.

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